1. Amsterdam! Aug 2013. Crazy crazy place! the-little-wanderer 


  2. Corfu, Greece. July 2013 

    A northern Island of Greece, Corfu is a gorgeous Island with the white stone buildings, amazing sunsets and Island views. 


  3. Oxford, England July 2013. 

    Click to enlarge.

    The town of Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland! Bustling with people every where, definitely one of the biggest tourist spots in England. One of the highlights was seeing the Christ Church campus where The Great Hall is filmed in HP, and seeing all the local smarty pants students hanging out (geniuses in the making!) My yummo Big B burger toped of the day.  



  4. Bath, England. July 2013. This is the beautiful city Bath where I was born. It was an amazing experience to go back and visit there. It’s famous for its gorgeous Bath-stone buildings and the Roman Baths which I loved visiting! (I was an ancient history fangirl in school.)

    The city has a really young vibe about it despite its history. Bath University has a huge student population resulting in lots of hip cafes and shops, with lots of young people hanging out.

    Its the Melbourne of England pretty much!  the-little-wanderer


  5. Corfu Greece. July 2013


  6. Greece! 


  7. Venice windows.


  8. I know everyones going to be posting about it . IT’S SPRING YESSSS!!!!💐💐 Flower market in Munich.


  9. Thought it was time

    to make a new Tumblr. I’ve have had aerodynamic since early 2009. This one will be mainly photos I’ve taken. The are very amateur but remind me of the places I’ve been lucky to visit. 


  10. Whistler village.